The Minstrel is the heart of a fellowship, a herald of hope, inspiration, and renewal. His knowledge of ancient songs and lore not only enable him to bolster fellowship morale, but also to provide motivation against the forces of darkness. When the Minstrel is alone, he becomes an intimidating opponent capable of demoralizing foes through an assortment of ballads, cries, and calls.

Minstrel's Role

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Healer/Buffer: The Minstrel is the master of maintaining the survivability of the heroes of Middle-earth. A Minstrel traited in The Warrior-Skald (red) tree can also provide respectable damage output when needed (or soloing) via light-based attacks in the forms of songs of power. A minstrel can perform excellently whether grouped or alone, however be advised that most groups will expect you to heal them.

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