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LOTRO Beorning Icon


Beornings are skin-changers that can change into the form of a bear in combat. They focus their wrath while in bear form, choosing to deal grievous blows or bolster their own resolve.

LOTRO Burglar Icon


The Burglar is a master of stealth and misdirection. Burglars are able to confound foes with a variety of clever and debilitating tricks. They also excel at attacking from the shadows, allowing them to take enemies by surprise.

LOTRO Captain Icon


The Captain is a masterful leader, a commanding presence who strengthens allies, but is also skilled in the use of arms. Their battle cries strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, while their allies rally to their banners of war.

LOTRO Champion Icon


Their fervour allows them to make increasingly powerful attacks. Champions excel at melee combat and can absorb punishment with their Heavy Armour.

LOTRO Guardian Icon


The Guardian is a protector of the weak and defender of those in need. He is capable of withstanding mighty blows and retaliating in kind. The true Guardian stands to the forefront of battle, shielding his allies from the blows of their enemies.

LOTRO Hunter Icon


The Hunter class is a versatile and formidable class that excels at ranged combat and survival in the dangerous world of LOTRO.

LOTRO Lore-master Icon


The Lore-master is a seeker of knowledge and a guardian of wisdom. They wield ancient secrets and lore to confound their foes and aid their friends, protecting them against the dark powers of the Enemy.

LOTRO Rune-keeper Icon


Mystical linguists and masters of true names, Rune-keepers can heal in one battle and hurl destructive magic in the next.

LOTRO Minstrel Icon


The Minstrel is the heart of a fellowship, a herald of hope, inspiration, and renewal. His knowledge of ancient songs and lore not only enable him to bolster fellowship morale, but also to provide motivation against the forces of darkness. When the Minstrel is alone, he becomes an intimidating opponent capable of demoralizing foes through an assortment of ballads, cries, and calls.

LOTRO Warden Icon


Wardens are mobile melee combatants who also use Javelins for initiating combat and against ranged foes. Their unique Warden Shields and a variety of defensive skills allow them to stay in the fight longer than most. Basic Warden skills ("builders") build up their Gambits, which unleash special, more powerful effects.


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LOTRO Cook Icon


Cooking is essential for the survival for all peoples of Middle-earth - but especially Hobbits. Any adventurer can tell you that travelling with Hobbits can be a tiresome task if proper meals have not been provided!

LOTRO Farmer Icon


Farmer crafts food ingredients for the Cook profession, many of the Dye ingredients for the Scholar profession, Crafting Rare Components and recreational pipe-weed for smoking emotes. Farmers can also make some housing decorations such as flowers.

LOTRO Forester Icon


A Forester gathers and treats wood for the Woodworker and boils looted hides for the Tailor. This profession only produces subcomponents for other professions but it is a necessary and vital role.

LOTRO Jeweller Icon


Jewellers can create rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that can be worn by player characters, tokens that ward off the effects of dread, talismans that enable a Lore-master to attract special pets, and Rune-stones weapons for the Rune-keeper.

LOTRO Metalsmith Icon


As a metalworker, you can craft shields, heavy armour, and high-quality tools. While tools will require additional materials, most armour can be made from a sufficiently large quantity of metal ingots.

LOTRO Prospector Icon


Prospectors gather and refine metal ore for the Metalsmith, Weaponsmith, and Jeweller professions. While gathering the ore from resource nodes (also known as mining), prospectors may also occasionally find gems, dye salts or other components that are used in other crafting professions.

LOTRO Scholar Icon


Scholars can produce a wide variety of scrolls, potions, dyes, and other useful items. Most materials that a scholar uses tend to show up as treasure from humanoid foes. Materials can also be obtained from artifacts, typically found near ancient ruins using the Track Artifacts skill.

LOTRO Tailor Icon


A Tailor produces pieces of light and medium armour that protect the wearer and can provide other bonuses. These pieces range from common rough cloth to the finest Elven silk, depending on the skill of the tailor.

LOTRO Weaponsmith Icon


A Weaponsmith can craft metal weapons using bronze, iron, and steel. These include axes and hatchets for throwing in ranged attacks as well as the melee weapons: maces, halberds, daggers, axes, swords, and greatswords.

LOTRO Woodworker Icon


A Woodworker can produce stout clubs, hammers, staves, and spears for melee use, as well as ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows, and javelins and Instruments for the Minstrel, such as clarinets, drums, harps, flutes, lutes, and theorbos.

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